Monday, February 04, 2008


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Dear Readers:

Welcome to "ME, INCORPORATED."
I must give my friend and colleague, Adam J. Kovitz, attribution for that latter term. It has sparked a serious interest in me. Adam speaks and writes eloquently about Relationship Capital -- a certain measure of value each of us has by virtue of his access to and influence upon others. From a cold perspective, the more Relationship Capital one has, the greater one's value in the world of commerce.
While we stand by as observers and ultimately, as beneficiaries, Adam is refining the definition and measurement of this valuable essence, and is seeking the Philosopher's Stone to transmute ordinary individuals and organizations into individuals and organizations (which are ultimately just groups of individuals) into value-added enterprises, fueled with growing reserves of Relationship Capital.

There are numerous ways in which each of us can participate (and even collaborate!) with Adam, who is also the publisher of THE NATIONAL NETWORKER. Your education begins with a visit to . Adam references the notion of Relationship Capital quite frequently in his writings and speaking engagements. An organization which Adam had played an initial role in (which, sadly has gone off on a tangent since Adam left in order to pursue the development of the concept on his own), the RNIA, is attempting to popularize the same notion, but without adequate focus or success. Adam continues to further the development and understanding of the concept through THE NATIONAL NETWORKER, Adam's growing publication about many aspects of networking and relationship-building. I would suggest you go to the site and subscribe to this Newsletter. Adam has several exceptionally passionate and knowledgeable writers who contribute some fabulous content.

Traditional macroeconomic models, particularly those involving fiscal policy, are going to be replaced with a radical new paradigm. You will not be able to understand economics, marketing, management or politics without incorporating a study of RELATIONSHIP CAPITAL.

We are, each of us, a self-contained, fully-functioning enterprise. As I have said before, each of us is our own representative to the rest of the world. Each of us bears the torch and each of us is a citizen ambassador. Enabled with constantly-improving communications technologies, each of us is a corporation...each of us is a nation...each of us has the world within his grasp. What will determine the individual success which each of us enjoys, however, will be his ability to differentiate himself, as an entity, from a host of competitors for the world's attention. We must each have something unique to offer.

From an Internationist Perspective, I would propose that you start taking an inventory of the following attributes, each of which is going to be a variable in the equation that measures your store of Relationship Capital:

  • The number of personal and professional contacts you have directly;

  • The sphere of influence that each of these contacts possesses;

  • The speed of your access to these contacts (a function of trust, credibility, prior experience, how likeable you are, how helpful you are, and the like);

  • Your ability to mobilize these contacts to take action;

  • Your ability to orchestrate an operation involving several contacts simultaneously...

The list continues...

By analogy, each of us is like an individual cell, infused with unique DNA. But with the application of communications technology and Relationship Capital, we can each function as an entire body by sparking other cells into cooperative wakefulness. One single cell can spark world change...One single cell can transform the entire body...One single cell can unite all of Humanity.

Welcome again to ME, INCORPORATED, and to its ultimate stock in trade -- Relationship Capital.

Douglas Castle,


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