Wednesday, July 02, 2008


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Dear Friends:

The term "activism" is more than occasionally negatively-charged. It represents an aggressive approach to a significant change in the status-quo. People are generally fearful of any change, and they are especially fearful of rapid change. This is an ingrained Human propensity.

We all live in a world that is in need of repair. But the wonderful news is that we possess the technological means to change it.

With the internet, through blogging and posting forums, and with the additional techniques of viral marketing, a single individual can send a message around the world, virtually at the speed of the written word. This is a tool of enormous power and, as yet, unrealized potential.

As a citizen ambassador, any individual can be an activist. Your words, and the ability to broadcast them through the Internet, are the only weapons necessary. You can leave your guns and tear gas at the door. No violence is required.

You must choose your words carefully for maximum resonance (with your fellow Human Beings) and maximum impact (each word is precious -- say more with fewer words -- do not hide your message in a cloud of narrative, or obscure them in a treatise).

There is no limit to this power. It is yours for the taking.

Write. Blog. Post. Be an agent of positive change.

If you need help with doing this, please be at tliberty to contact me directly at (please put the word "INTERNATIONALIST" in your subject heading).

You will want to read the next several posts, as they will be about viral marketing.

Thank you, my Friends.


Douglas Castle


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