Friday, February 27, 2009


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Dear Readers, and Fellow Internationalists:

An economic recession is an outgrowth of basic Human Nature -- when the citizenry loses faith in the viability, integrity and veracity of their leadship, their public officials, their most important institutions and in the future, in general, a recession invariably ensues. With the illusion of safety decimated, economic chaos surely will follow. Witness, if you will, February of 2009. A crisis of confidence has precipitated one of the worst chapters in world economic affairs.

Before you engage in the study of Economics, take some time to gain an understanding of Psychology.

Restore confidence, and you can begin to regain economic stability and prosperity. The central issue, albeit largely unspoken, is this: How can any government, caught in so many lies and deceptions, regain the confidence of its constituency? And, if that can be accomplished, how long will the process take?


Douglas Castle



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