Thursday, February 05, 2009


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Dear Friends:

My apologies for not writing sooner. It seems that I caught a virus from a friend's computer which I contracted though a telephone call that he made to me [am I just a Luddite, or could this be almost possible?].

The post which follows was originally published in my personal blog, It is self- indulgent and nostalgic -- yet it speaks to the hostage hearts of so many of the disillusioned peoples of our Global Community.
Glorious Cultures are very much like clubs that everyone wants to join. Several attributes seem to be present in every Glorious Culture. They are, in my observation, and in brief:

1. A sense of compassion for all of Humanity;
2. A open sense of humor, marked by laughter (and unmarred by litigation or persecution);
3. A respect for differences, but a constant search for important similarities that bind us;
4. A willingness to listen and to learn;
5. A celebration of scholarship, invention, building, the Arts and innovation;
6. Open debate, open explanation, non-violent protest, activism and a sense of fair play;
7. The presumption of innocence, and its vigorous defense;
8. A peception of persons as individuals, and not as "cases" or "statistics";
9. Pride in a job well done, and a belief in the work ethic;
10. Outrage at injustice, tears at the suffering of others.

I mourn the loss of so many of these simple, yet wonderful things. Do you remember a culture that once possessed them?


Douglas Castle


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