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Originally published by Douglas Castle in THE GLOBAL FUTURIST (3/09/09)
Dear Friends:

There is no avoiding the cloud that hangs over us.

We are in a deepening global economic recession -- a condition that touches all of us financially and emotionally. It forces us to change our plans, to conserve limited resources, to become increasingly feel the twinge of our own smallness in the confines of a giant universe, and to re-examine our values and our very mortality. We become more internalized, less robotic and more frantic, if paralysis doesn't seize us first.

The bulk of the world's non-agricultural workforce is dependent upon either conventional private sector (corporate, institutional or professional) employment, or government work. During the course of the last ten years, an increasing percentage of the G-8 workforce has been absorbed into the conventional or governmental works. This is not surprising, as healthcare and other costs continue to rise, retirement becomes an increasingly expensive proposition and the economies associated with larger employers make it possible for them to cover the needs of these individuals far more economically than through individual arrangements. Employee benefits constitute an increasing percentage of employee compensation, as well as motivation. It is increasingly the perception of the masses that entrepreneurship is too fraught with uncertainty, long hours, and very hard work to be a sensible calling. As commoners, we flock to the time-honored protection of the "conventional career path."

The conventional career path, by definition, creates apathy in the crucial areas of entrepreneurial skills and disciplines. As I write these words, an indolent, dependent, uncultivated layer of "middle management" and labor is being displaced as their former protectors scramble for the protections afforded them by bankruptcy or government aid (I think that this is a swell euphemism for other terms such as "bailout," "welfare," "subsidy," or "bridge loan," which last term has actually come to mean a unilateral capital infusion without requirement of guarantees, collateral, constraints on application of proceeds, accountability, a plan for repayment, or an incentive for change in the status quo."). When I recently discussed the notions of "companies that are too big to fail," and "the government's systematic and expected rewarding of poor corporate conduct with 'free' money," with a friend, she explained to me (in a kind, but slightly condescending matter), "but Douglas, we have no options!" I disagree.

I believe that as long as we are alive we have options. The very perception of "no options" is either paralytic, or is apt to cause very poor, short-term decisionmaking.

A word of displaced, emotionally devasted and fiscally insolvent "worker bees" have been let down by a system that had to fail. They do not know how to promote, to build, to innovate, to re-invent themselves, to run businesses and to network beyond their cronies at the office. These brothers and sisters are in deep trouble -- and no one can just bail them out. They must be re-tooled to be entrepreneurial, networking vital people. As entrepreneurs and networkers, as globalists and futurists, we must help them to find new ways to restore their finances, to develop a sense of purpose and a successful attitude, and to resdiscover and activate their skills.

This is now the AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR/NETWORKER. We need to re-dedicate ouselves to be more entrepreneurial, more imaginitive, more innovative and more efficient networkers and socializers than ever before. Now is our time. And if we are kind, we are ethically obligated to help create hopes and opportunities for those less fortunate persons who fell under the thrall of the conventional career path.

I am recommending (strongly), that we, each of us, forward this article to everyone whom we know, and insist that they join:

1. THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (free subscription, awe-inspiring services and connection opportunities), and

2) INTERNAL ENERGY PLUS (with its online interactive support group at or visit our blogs at and

Now is the time to spread the word, build membership, circle our wagons, and to come out fighting!



Douglas Castle

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