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2010 - The Year Of The Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community

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2010 - The Year Of The Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC): A viable, sustainable alternative to the limitations and lamentations of the status quo.

"Ranting has done more to change the world than chanting ever has." - Douglas Castle

I would ask that each of us become an activist for the right reasons and for the right causes. There is much that is wrong in this world, emotionally as well as economically. Misplaced trust and disillusionment must not be permitted to allow us to accept an ever-declining standard, to embrace mediocrity, to be less than the greatness of our potential...our birthright. I have heard it said that "all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good persons to stand idly by and do nothing." But I also believe that a "critical mass" of good people, working together in cooperation, collaboration and harmony toward a great and noble goal can achieve anything. 

Let this year be the year that we celebrate our diversity with a spirit of unity, for those many things that unite us are far greater and far more important than those things which we have let divide us. We cannot depend upon governments, giant corporate conglomerates and that miniscule and manipulative percentage of the population which controls the bulk of the world's vast wealth to bring us peace and prosperity. We must look inside of ourselves, and toward each other. 

Working together, in the spirit of sharing of efforts and rewards can help us, as entrepreneurs, as Internationalists and as Human Beings, to become free from the misery that the erosion of productive and ethical initiatives has brought upon us. We do not have to beg when we can build. Not one of us has to stand alone. We must take back the power to be great, and to truly be free.

This freedom entails responsibility. And we can no longer abdicate our responsibility or depend upon an economic wave or a taxpayer-financed supernatural miracle to save us. We must break the cycle of pettiness and knee-jerk reactions and start being thinkers and planners and doers. We have let our will to win atrophy. We have muscles which we have forgotten how to use.

The awesome magic of our species is our ability to complement each other, to teach each other, to assist each other. As a community, as a Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community we have access to unlimited communications, resources and power. We have been fools not to see it -- we would be far greater fools not to use it.

As a multitude, as a collective, we are far greater than the sum of our individual constituents. We have the synergy at our disposal.

Join my club. Become proactive instead of reactive. Let's get to know eachother. This is not about networking. This is not about connecting. This is about combining, sharing and prospering.

When I joined The National Networker Companies over a year ago, my dream, my hope was to utilize the framework that Adam Kovitz had created out of love and inspiration in order to build a colossus of an entity wherein each participant would contribute resources and efforts, and where all could share in ownership and profits from a diversified and ever-growing stream of revenue.

Join us. Show us who you are. Let us get to know you. Let us discover our areas of commonality and our areas of complementarity. Let us build peace and prosperity as if we were a sovereign nation in the limitless realm of cyberspace. And most of all, let's make it personal as well as professional. To accomplish what needs to be done, we must re-discover the notion of caring about each other, and set aside the constant scrambling to steal from each other or to sell to each other. Let's stop the self-defeating frenzy and become committed allies.

The National Networker Companies will become the world's first GICBC. It costs nothing to say "yes" and join. In an entrepreneurial meritocracy, some of our numbers will leave. but many will stay. I hope and pray that we will grow to be a force to change things for the better for every one of us...and for us to show each other, and the world, that we are capable of being a great civilization.

Join us at . We owe it to ourselves and to one another to see just how far we can go - working together. We owe it to our children and to the future of Humankind.

Thank you, one and all. May the year 2010 begin not merely our own, home-launched economic and social recovery, but may it be a year of the re-kindling of civilization, with its peace, prosperity and greater security.

Douglas Castle
Vice-Chairman and Director,

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