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Capitalism Without Zero-Sum Conflict: A Re-alignment for a New Era

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Capitalism Without Zero-Sum Conflict:
A Re-alignment for a New Era

Dear Friends:

I know, I know..... "oh what pride cometh before a fall."

Notwitstanding that cliche, I wanted to share the most recent [02.07.2010] Update Bulletin from The National Networker with you. Reading along, and through the self-promotion and back-patting, what I would like for you to notice is the tone, the sentiment, the flavor (if you are in the U.K., Australia or any former U.K. "colonies," this would be "flavour") of the writing; importantly, it reflects an increased focus on several important notions:

1. Internationalism, and the World viewed as a large community;

2. Rendering of services to clients as well as information and intelligence to members;

3. The proliferation of information, via e-media, internationally -- across government-imposed barriers, cultures and the differences that we too often permit to divide us instead of unite us. This is indeed good news;

4. The next socio-economic entity...the GICBC -- the Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community;

5. The direct (and implicit) references to members becoming stakeholders. One of the conflicts that is a destroyer of the unqualified idea of capitalism (which, of itself holds great promise for innovation, progress and the breaking of the timeless stigma of the caste system) is that the interests of stakeholders (owners) all-too-often conflict with those of customers, and the general public...the tax-paying citizenry. What if you could re-align the interests of stakeholders so that they no longer conflicted with those of customers? What if the consumers' interests became more precisely aligned with those of the corporations'?

Communism? Socialism? - Neither! The world's simplest and best employee-ownership incentive plan does not defy or deny capitalism by a long shot. It just eliminates the zero-sum game that pollutes capitalism and destroys motivation. Capitalism does not require victims and victors. Its inherent synergy can provide more than adequate rewards for all parties involved. 

Enjoy what follows, with my compliments, and with my hopes.


Douglas Castle
UPDATE BULLETIN!The National Networker Companies™
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Dear Friends:

This is the TNNWC Update Bulletin! for the first week of February, 2010. We have made incredible progress since our inception five years ago as the first "Consumer Reports" of the Networking Industry. The first subscribers to the TNNW Newsletter signed on because of their sharing Adam J. Kovitz' vision of the potential in networking, connecting and building Relationship Capital. Adam and his wife, Wendy, recruited our first writers, as well as our first readers and sponsors by themselves, as a labor of love. They published the first issue, and have overseen the publication of every single issue since.

Fast forward five years ... We are now The National Networker Companies, with:

  • Two publications -- The National Networker Newsletter and The Blue Tuesday Report;
  • A growing media machine -- with radio programs, news releases, special featured reports, multiple RSS feeds, Buzzworks, Blogworks and The National Newspicker Page -- we have the full complement of widgets, blidgets, buttons, feeds, with growing marketshare, higher visibility, both in the United States and internationally... we have been re-published in The Wall Street Journal [Europe], the BNI Newsletter [New Zealand] and in a tremendous number of e-media venues;
  • The world's very first Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC), destined to set a new socio-economic model for a world in need of some serious attitude adjustment;
  • A Suite of the best, most unique and most useful (did we neglect to mention most cost-effective?) Professional and Business Development Services for all of our Members. Basic Membership is still free, as are our publications;
  • Fabulous writers representing all types of vertical specialties from around the world... Alaska, Africa, China, France... we have a phenomenal crew of brilliant, edgy, opinionated and outspoken writers (but we don't mean to brag).
To say that we have made progress is an understatement.

Our mission has changed - The National Networker Companies, as a group, is a provider of news, intelligence, unique content and business development services to the professional, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors.

Our orientation has changed - Networking is only the beginning - TNNWC is not just about "networking" (which has become a vast term with multiple meanings to many people; where every person believes that he or she is an "***EXPERT***") -- we are all about increasing revenues and productivity by creating viable, real connections; building partnerships (domestically and globally); providing interactive forums; and furnishing services to increase your roster of clients, your buzz, your branding, your market presence (in existing and new, emerging and potential markets) and your sales by every means possible. We live to inform, assist, interact with and promote every member's business, practice or cause.

Our structure has changed - We are an information producer, cross-media broadcaster and a promotion mega-machine. We make things happen for our members, and for our clients.

We've got some things for you to look at, too - the items which follow have been posted, re-posted, tweeted, digged (dug?) and otherwise promulgated. Read them. Click on a few links. Then come back here. We're patient. We'll be waiting...

1. Before you fill that prescription... Through our Links 4 Life public service site, we have now formed a strategic alliance with TNNWC is a major provider of Public Service Announcements in the interest of promoting exemplary corporate citizenship. Peace, Prosperity and Health.

2. Hot, highly buzzed TNNW themes and fresh ideas from BlogCatalog, a blog search engine. Visit them at . Our ideas about jumping the turnstiles of the status quo, being unique, being proactive and being collaborative are getting us attention. That's the point, isn't it?

3. TNNW is ever-grateful to Graham Southwell of BNI New Zealand, and Dr. Ivan Misner (the Founder of BNI and the father of organized business networking) for talking about the need for activism amidst apathy. . They are re-publishing some of our most exciting content.

4. We recently had an article about The Ten Essential Principles of Networking published in the Wall Street Journal (European Edition). It is a "must read!" at Going further, we are building a fabulous relationship with the international leaders of the future through our budding alliance with THE WALL STREET JOURNAL EUROPE FUTURE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE.

5. The articles in this week's issue of The National Networker Newsletter... they're coming up.

Help us build the world's biggest subscriber list -- Forward this article (or this email) to a friend, colleague or business associate.

As always, thank you. You've let us become a part of your life. Through our GICBC (details unfolding rapidly), you will be able to become a stakeholder in The National Networker Companies. Our Growth Will Guarantee Yours.

With All of Our Best,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

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