Thursday, September 30, 2010

CONGO SQUARE - A Frightening Tribute

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Congo Square

I offer up this tribal-mojo chant with all of its fearsome conjuring and frightening imagery to all of the people of New Orleans, and to the musical culture that they brought over from Africa (Creole), France (Cajun) and the indigenous but down-trodden Native Americans.

I offer my heartfelt condolences to the people of New Orleans and apologize to them for the way in which their very own country left them to suffer when they needed help the most.

As a US citizen, I bear great shame. As an Internationist, I am obligated to bring this feeling of intense disappointment with my own government's handling of this disaster to all of those otherwise charitable souls who may lose sight of the fact that being an Internationalist begins with being a helpful neighbor and with setting a compassionate example. The world somehow turned its back on an entire culture, and on a tradition that has influenced all popular music, starting with the blues. 

These are two versions of my favorite Voodoo From The Bayou Song - "Congo Square". The inimitable  sound --- an  absolutely infectious opening and recurring sax riff, rolling (cauldron-boiling) beat, and the spikey Creole Minor 6th Chord will make your hair stand on end and send chills bown your spine. Lock your doors. Let the madness bring out the atavistic roots in you. Don't be afraid of letting your werewolf run wild.

The first version is the classic by The Neville Brothers.

The second version, less polished, raspier and more primitive, is by the amazing Four Outta Five Doctors - It is my favorite.

Enjoy these and remember them:

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