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Global Entrepreneurs - Shaping The World's Future.

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Entrepreneurship is a universal Human phenomenon.

It is not, and has never been restricted by governmental or geographical boundaries or limited to any one nationality or race. It has always been a key component of society in every culture throughout history. Every ethnic group, country and social class has (and always has had) a few of these Human engines of productivity. We cannot have enough of them, and they should be collaborating to achieve accelerated breakthroughs.
I encourage entrepreneurs to explore the opportunities associated with international trade, global markets, trans-national joint ventures, foreign investment, technology transfers and other possibilities.

The internet, skype, virtual conferencing platforms and the reach of social media have made this less expensive and more expedient than ever in known history. There are no barriers -- if you are eager to grow, eager to learn and eager to profit from the ever-increasing overseas possibilities, you can expand your reach across the entire globe right from your computer, laptop or mobile device.

Entrepreneurs can find each other and work collaboratively more easily than ever before. You can telecommute through cyberspace, conduct business, and broaden your business network, social contacts and cultural horizons from your local wi-fi enabled coffee shop, your automobile, or your home.

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TNNWC, as a membership organization, and I (as an Internationalist and a Global Futurist) want nothing more than to empower entrepreneurs and increase their success prospects through the use of fiscally responsible, scalable, virtual international commerce solutions.


 - Douglas E. Castle

Entrepreneurs are those special, talented success-obsessed individuals who often refuse to accept the very notion of limitations. They are not just "people with ideas," or "people who want to "say goodbye to their booses and work from home," per se. Not necessarily. The greatest attributes of Human intelligence, tenacity, productivity, trend-spotting, and recruiting talent belong to the world's greatest entrepreneurs. The media tend to confuse "entrepreneurs" with "business opportunity seekers," "multi-level marketers (MLMs)," "unemployed or unemployable people who don't work well with others," and "garage-bound technology geeks -- ordering in meals and creating applications."

Well; entrepreneurs may be any of those things or none of those things.

At the lowest levels, they are dreamers, get-rich-quick artists, or just hustlers, chasing after someone else's money to burn through to sustain themselves and an ill-thought-out plan.

BUT AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL, ENTREPRENEURS REPRESENT THE BEST THAT THERE IS AMONG OUR SPECIES (if you happen to be a gecko or a duck reading this, kindly excuse that last remark).

Entrepreneurs, the best ones, are game-changers, world-changers and are the rarest and most highly precious of all "types" of people.

Please read what follows about Commanders, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs and Everybody Else. You will agree that entrepreneurs are the core of the technological, sociological, economic genesis machine; the specially-refined fuel that powers the reactor of all of Humankind; and, the very heart of the multicellular organism that we call civilization.

Entrepreneurs are Catalysts Creating Business and Social Value.

Incidentally, they (the best and brightest entrepreneurs) create permanent employment (real jobs!), know how to conserve and allocate limited resources, cannot stand to see waste, have to balance their own budgets (without printing fiat currency or engaging in 'creative accounting') and are either actively or unconsciously always working at achieving sustainability, as well.

Commanders either set goals or are given tasks which they accomplish through their mastery of other Human Beings -- they understand that the Laws of Physics and Human (mortal) Physiology are the only unbreakable rules, and thus Commanders function within very broad operating parameters.

They are expert at behavioral psychology, social engineering, project management and acting. "Acting" both in the sense of playing a role in a play, and in the sense of taking action to proceed toward the accomplishment of a mission.

Visionaries are persons of inspiration, insight and epiphany who have an idea (usually a powerful mental picture of an outcome or objective), which they are compelled to promulgate. They NEED to reveal the nature of what they see (and often, what they have seen) to someone else.

Entrepreneurs, in the truest sense, encompass many of the aspects of both Commanders and Visionaries.

Successful Entrepreneurs must be talent scouts -- they have to identify and choose Visionaries, Commanders, and numerous technologists, professionals and soldiers (or employees) in order to build a self-sustaining system (i.e., a business or an organization of some sort) that will not only achieve goals, but which will become self-sufficient, and synergistic - a "production machine" which is far greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Entrepreneurs are the catalysts in society who bring the appropriate assets together in order to construct something.

Entrepreneurs are the principal creators of value in our society.

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