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Chemical Weapons, The UN, Impotence And Irrelevance - Syria

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Every civil, reasonable Human Being with a modicum of compassion and a sensitive conscience abhors the use of chemical weapons. Similarly. the countries comprised of these civil Human Beings generally raise a hue and cry over news about chemical weapons. When they were used under the Hussein administration by Iraq troops on innocent civilians, there was a outcry by 'less barbaric' nations. When they were first used during WWII in Europe, reasonable, sentient, peace-loving people's throughout the world were appalled. Chlorine, Mustard Gas, Phosgene, Ricin, and other gaseous or particulate toxins have a high rate of fatalities, are impossible to contain (with an unpredictable range of effect depending upon wind and other natural factors), and will invariably produce terrible, long-lasting effects.

Now we'll explain the justification for the clever title of this article: Chemical Weapons, The UN, Impotence And Irrelevance - Syria.

Recently the United Nations Foundation Newsbrief came out with this bit of news regarding the alleged (and probable) use of poison gas in Syria:



Ban decries alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria

The Syrian government and rebels are accusing each other of using chemical weapons. In response, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that he "remains convinced that the use of chemical weapons by any party (in Syria) under any circumstances would constitute an outrageous crime." France-Presse (3/19)

Here's a probable scenario, and I hope that I am wrong:

1) The UN has meetings and issues repeated pronouncements against the Assad Regime, re-stating the theme that a solution should be peacefully negotiated between the rebels faction (now recognized by much of the world as a viable alternative government);

2) Syria continues to do exactly what it's doing, and the world community becomes increasing with the UN, as the UN is an articulate mouth with very limited resources or abilities to make any threat which is truly effective. The UN drops yet another notch in the world's perception;

3)  Israel, perceiving a direct threat and realizing that the UN will not do anything to assist them from the outflow or Syrian refugees, or from the overflow of Syrian violence, will surgically strike at poison gas manufacturing and storage facilities, as well as at other military targets in Syria. The UN will probably issue some statements to Israel about its "meddling" while quietly praying to a number of deities that the Syrian crisis will end with Israel still to be cursed for what it does to protect itself, and a number of its Arab neighboring nations;

4) Israeli - Palestinian peace and territory negotiations will waver under this pressure, and there will be increased violence in Gaza;

5) The U.S., believing that some of of the supplies and support for the current Syrian Regime are being facilitated by Moscow, will commence a re-visitation of a limited, superficial cold war (comprised mostly of rhetoric, while there is still money to be made through some cooperation between the two powers) will commence.

6) The U.S. will ultimately end up (for reasons of its long-known 'evangelism of Democracy' by carrot and stick ["silver or lead"] methods, and due to its need to prop up employment statistics and use the outdated theoretical premise that war will stimulate the domestic economy and unite the country -- just ask Dick Cheney, possibly America's first true cyborg...) deploying ground troops in Syria.

7) The international but rhetorical backlash against the United States by the Islamic nations and by the United Nations will result in an angry exchange of soundbites, pontifications and condemnations. Despite this, the United States and its increasingly insecure and economically burdened "allies" will continue to try to impose democracy in Syria. Iran will condemn the Western aggressors, and Israel (of course - its a tradition) as enemies waging a war against all of Islam.

As for The Internationalist Page Blog, we'll just watch this and see how it plays out.

Don't make bets or engage in illegal gambling :-)

Douglas E. Castle

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