Wednesday, November 19, 2008


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Dear Friends:

It bears repeating -- As the worldwide economic situation becomes increasingly intimidating, with its day-to-day volatility and its evident downward macroeconomic trend, several skills are absolutely crucial to survival:

  • Entrepreneurship (with its compatriots: initiative, innovation and persistence).

  • Networking (with an emphasis on its second crucial phase: relationship-building).

  • Teamwork (with a focus on cooperation and equitable sharing of efforts and rewards).

I recently posed a question to some of my colleagues at Linked In about the notion of the Team Unit, and received some wonderful responses. One of them follows for your information.


Date: 11/18/2008
Group: Linked 2 Leadership
Kay Stout wrote (in answer to my post, which follows):

"Douglas, I couldn't agree with you more. Effective team performance can be amazing - - remember "Miracle on Ice?". Bud Greenspan said it was the greatest Olympic moment he ever covered. International team cooperation can be especially rewarding personally and professionally. And, thanks to sites like LinkedIn - - you can build a team across state lines, country borders and across the oceans. I've also witnessed the humanitarian success of organizations like Rotary, Heifer International and Kiva, who combine resources and people to build teams and processes that successfully changes the lives of others. No man is an island - - and today we can join hands electronically to make an impact (personally and professionally).

On 11/13/08 8:47 PM, Douglas Castle asked: THE TEAM ENTITY (An Issue For Your Evaluation and Comments) -- (This was my post):
Dear Colleagues:

We spend a great deal of time networking and acquiring new contacts. Then, some of us agressively and positively go to work converting those contects from mere names into good, two-way relationships. Why must it end there?

I believe that the most powerful business operating subunit is the Team. Further, I believe that team-building is going to become a skill of increasing importance as the traditional corporate and institutional paradigms are put to the test.
Kindly review: and let me know your thoughts. Thank you.




The greatest challenge which lies before us regarding this issue is to educate and motive the tremendous majority of displaced people in the world economy who are inveterate "corporate" creatures with either 1) very specialized, or at the other extreme, very nebulously-defined roles within the political heirarchy of the big company interpersonal infrastructure and typical status quo paradigms, and 2) those individuals who are accustomed to working alone. How do we bring the appeal of "teamwork" to these persons who constitute the greatest percentage of the populations of most westernized countries?


Douglas Castle

p.s. Numerous of my readers (as well as a number of my detractors and my mother, who tends to worry about me quite a bit) have asked what services I actually provide for independent clients when I am not working with Mojave Jet Group, Internal Energy Plus or The National Networker. Please visit my professional blogsite-in-process at . Learn something about me. And, by all means, direct your constructive criticism my way. If you are one of my readers, your opinion is not only is encouraged.


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