Monday, December 01, 2008


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My Dear Friends:

Trust is a key ingredient in establishing any relationship, whether that relationship is between family members, neighbors, or partners in any business endeavor. Competence is, of course, important in choosing a person to engage with. But trust is the catalyst that simultaneously cements a good relationship while liberating each partner to do his or her portion of the work with focus and without the distractions of fear.

In this time of faceless international relationships created through internet communications, conveying trustworthiness and good faith are critical from the very outset of a first email.

Having said all of this, please read the correspondence which follows...I receive several just like it (from various senders, in various countries, and with clients who have died in various plane crashes) in my email every single day. They are presumptuous, ridiculous spam. Worse, they increase the inherent subconscious element of suspicion and distrust that so many people have for others in different countries.

In our roles as Citizen Ambassadors, we are being hampered in our efforts by this type of idiocy.

Do not let it dissuade you from conducting friendship and commerce worldwide. Make it a part of your mission to identify these moronic and malevolent solicitations for what they are...litter on the Internationalist landscape.

Let us all endeavor to be trustworthy, and to encourage and reward trustworthiness.


Douglas Castle


Dear friend,I assume you and your family are in good health.My name is Mohammed Romaric and I am the Foreign Operations Manager in one of the banks here in Burkina Faso. This being a small world in which it can be difficult to make new acquaintances, and because it is virtually impossible to know who is trustworthy and who can be believed, I have decided to place my trust in you after much fasting and prayer. It is only because of this that I have decided to confide in you and to share with you this confidential business.In my bank there resides an overdue and unclaimed sum of thirteen million two hundred thousand United States dollars ($13,200,000.00). When the account holder suddenly passed away in a private jet crash , he left no beneficiaries who would be entitled to the receipt of these funds. For this purposes, i have found it expedient to extradite these funds to a trustworthy individual with capacities to act as foreign business partners. Thus i humbly request your assistance to claim this fund. On the transfer of this fund in your account, you will take 32% {US$4,224,000.00} as your share from the total fund, 5% {US$660,000.00}, will be shared to Charitable Organizations, Motherless Babies homes, disabled helpless people in both our country as the balance will be for me. Please if you are really sure you can handle this project, contact me immediately I am looking forward to read from you soonest. Yours faithfully, Mohammed Romaric



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