Monday, November 22, 2010

Nothing Will Keep The Enterprising Law Firm Down - The Dark Side of Entrepreneurialism... Parasitic Opportunism

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Nothing Will Keep The Enterprising Law Firm Down - The Dark Side Of Entrepreneurialism...Parasitic Opportunism.

Note:Written by Douglas Castle for The Daily Burst Of Brilliance .001, The Internationalist Page and Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC) blog -- all affiliated with TNNWC Group, LLC. This article may be reprinted, republished, or transmitted without permission, provided that it is published in its entirety, without any editing, with all hyperlinks left intact and with full attribution given.

These folks are after your money.

In fact, they're after anyone's and everyone's money.

And they stay up late at night, billing client hours (as if working to help those companies and individuals who can afford to retain them, or who cannot afford to retain them, but who feel compelled to consult and consort with them by deep, culturally-ingrained fear) but actually dreaming up endless new ways to keep that money coming in.

They are lawyers - and unlike most Human Beings (with the notable exceptions of certain weapons manufacturers, private detectives, diamond mining companies and marriage counsellors) they thrive on conflict and disharmony. And if they cannot find conflict and disharmony, they will stir some up ...faster than you can say "military contractor!"

They are the beneficiaries of chaos and confusion; and they win every fight because they do not support any underlying cause or principle except that of looting the corpses of the judicial combatants.

I am neither a moralist, an ethicist nor a Pollyanna waltzing through the wolf pack - but wouldn't it be better to earn money by creating synergy and collaboration than by instigating arguments and pitting parties against eachother.

Peace and prosperity can exist simultaneously to be enjoyed by all parties.

Why then, do we keep perpetuating the myth that the two (peace and prosperity) are mutually exclusive? Who is pulling our strings?


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