Thursday, August 04, 2011

Globalism And International Trade: How Do We Encourage It?

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Globalization is the highest and best form of arbitrage, collaboration, cooperation, breakthrough acceleration, exponentialized intelligence and profitable, peaceful international commerce and friendly dialogue. Yet this obvious opportunity has still not truly caught fire with many firms...even though so many of them have a desire to explore and to positively exploit the possible potential.

What is the reason for this hesitancy? What can those of us involved in international trade and citizen ambassadorship do to move globalization forward in a responsible and sustainable way? How do we create the necessary momentum to "push the paradigm?"

Part of the answer is educating the small- to medium-sized business participants about the ease with which the Global Marketplace can be accessed. The other part, which is more difficult, has to do with overcoming socially and politically-ingrained xenophobia and government doctrines of protectionism coupled with media propaganda discouraging private sector international relations.

Please read what follows from the great minds at BigThink. You'll find it to be a wonderful succinct analysis. You'll enjoy this.

Many thanks.

Douglas E Castle for TNNWC - ICS (International Connections Service) Division

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BigThink Article:

Secrets of Successful Globalization
For all our talk of living in a globalized world, there is far less international exchange of people, goods and information than we would expect. How can we encourage globalization?

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