Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Silence Screams.

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When a nation 'suspends,'shuts down' or 'blacks out' internet and cellular telephone communications amongst its citizenry, there can be no message, except the one that is felt, and which is more powerful and shattering than mere sound -- state-imposed silence screams of horrific misdeads, slaughter, fear and death. The fact of the eerie silence only makes this message of oppression more obvious.

In Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and countless other nations which are in a state of internal turmoil -- where one side is committing unconscionable acts against the other in the name of control, containment, enslavement... it might have one of its political lackeys announce in some world forum that this is being done because cell phones can be used to remotely detonate bombs, or some other such 'practical reason' or what passes in these tempestuous times as "practical."

But the truth is invariably as it always has been. That nation has something profoundly incriminating to hide. It is not unlike when a lawyer tells his client, "Don't say another word," when the authorities are either interviewing him or interrogating him. It is at that point where the lawyer does not want his or her client, guity or innocent, to incriminate himself.

With nations, an order of enforced silence by shutting down state-owned cellular or internet companies is not for the purpose of protecting itself against inadvertent self-incrimination -- it is an admission of guilt.

Part of the guilt might be the deliberate quelling of an infuriated or tortured populace by making it impossible to establish command and control, or to cry out to other nations, cross-border, for help.

I remember once, a long time ago, when I sat for a painful two hours in a hospital waiting room. When the surgeon came out, I eagerly asked him, "How is he?" The surgeon looked downward, at the floor, and was silent. I started to cry because I understood his hesitancy, and what it meant.

Readers of The Internationalist Page Blog, protest against silence. Group together and purchase satellite phones for shared emergency use. Don't be silenced. Ask questions. Apply pressure against officials of your governments (if you can safely do this), and against world bodies (such as the UN) as well as consular personnel and ambassadors to break silence.

"When a nation, any nation, deprives its citizens or subjects of communications access via internet or cellular telephone, it is committing a crime against the ideals of Freedom, Decency and Humanity."  - Douglas E. Castle

Make a great noise if all you are being permitted to hear is silence.

Don't allow this kind of bullying. It must be fought back against. Loudly.

Thank you for reading me and for passing this message on to every other Human Being whom you know. Use your email, texts, and social networking platforms to spread this world. Civilization dissolves under a shroud of forced silence.

Douglas E. Castle

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